Friday 8/19 and Saturday 8/20 class

Friday we will be practicing forms, showing good technique, and making them look clean and deadly.  Remember, a form is both a demonstration and a simulated fight.   Treat it like one!

Saturday we will combine movements, jumping, rolling, changing direction.  More throws, and obstacle sparring. 


Friday 8/12 class and Saturday 8/13 vlass

Arm day Friday with make-your-own burpees, arm obstacle course, strong punches, and catch!  Arm only sparring.  To get ahead, keep hands up and work on lightning fast punches.  

Leg Saturday with jumping, kicks, lunges, deep stances, and leg-ups! Leg only sparring!  To win these, spin kicks and double kicks will beat the competition! 

Friday and Saturday Class 7/15 and 7/16

On Friday, adults and kids can expect another overwhelming arm workout with lots of punches, hand stands, cartwheels, and heavy throwing!

Saturday we will do legs and lower core, with some helpful 60 second exercises.  These 1 minute techniques are great “pocket” techniques that anyone can do in limited space and limited time, but still get their heart rate up, and work on muscle groups that go missed in day-to-day life!

Any extra time we have on both days, we will work on complex obstacles!  Remember, to those students who are looking to advance to red belt I want a form and I want it snappy!  Make sure to show me so I can help you with it!