Class canceled Friday! 

Due to a family event and contagion, class is canceled Friday.   Saturday is still on! 


Class before Halloween! 

On our two classes next week, just before Halloween, students are welcome to wear costumes to classes!  Make sure you can move in them, and accessories won’t hurt anyone! 

Introduction to Tenets

Martial arts schools and organizations across the county follow a selection of tenets, or principle values.  As the leader of Velocity Martial Arts, I’m tasked with assuming core values for the school. 

I’ve delayed this for several reasons.  The first being the avoidance of hypocrisy, should the school not succeed.   The second being the overwhelming philosophical dilemma of instilling values in my students.   I’ve never lost perspective that my amazing students are the product of their parents’ devotion.   It felt as though proposing tenets may be redundant for some students, and beyond the scope of my role as teacher. 

However, parents and students alike have entrusted me to help them become stronger, disciplined, and honorable people.  As such, I find the following tenets embody that trust, fulfill my role, and provide a solid foundation of character for successful, good people. 

Honor.  Commitment.  Respect.  Courage.

Honor, with its wide breadth of desirable components (humility, honesty, integrity…) ensures we behave in a way that inspires the faith and trust of others. 

Respect is the promise we make to ourselves and all people that they will be treated within the scope of our values.  That friends and enemies alike should not be betrayed or lied to.  That insults, exploitation, and injustice are strangers to our nature. 

Commitment demonstrates to the world that we do not commit apostasy, we do not abandon our objective.  We can be trusted to finish what we start, behave with reliability and responsibility. 

Courage, the most demanding of all.  In this, we must find the strength to face our own shortcomings.  We must overcome the impossible, despite our fear of it. We must uphold our values, even when we feel pain, loneliness, terror. 

I’ve tried to apply these in my life.  I admit I’ve been less than perfect and make mistakes.  I will make more.  We all will.  But armed with tenets like these, I hope we can improve ourselves and our world.