Friday 1/6/17 and Saturday 1/7/17 classes

Friday we will revisit 50%, alternating kicking drills, and a different kind of jumping challenge.  I want kicks to be head level.  No excuses!

Saturday will be blocks and punches, push ups and abs.  We start by making your arms tired, then force them to fight!

On both days, I want good flow over obstacles.  We can not afford to get hung up on posture and balance if we are running/attacking. If I see anything less than cat-like ninja… push ups will happen. 


Friday 12/30 and Saturday 12/31 classes

Friday will be a kicking day, with spin kick floor drills.  Complex movements will help us control our bodies and teach our legs to be effective self defense tools.  We will also work on continuity of movement, learning to roll and stand/strike fluidly.  Learning to spin consecutively. 

Saturday will be an arm day with burpees and planks and push ups and plank-up-strikes.  Then we trade off punching pads and equipment, then the old standard… 50%’s.  Spare time on both days will be sparring. 

Christmas Schedule

There will be class on Friday, 12/23/16.  We will do fifteen minutes of obstacle course, stretches, and sparring.  If the students show me good sparring, I will yield the remainder of the class for free time to build forts, play on the trampolines, or go crazy in general.

If the kids show me poor sparring, we will spend the remainder of the class doing speed kicking drills.

THERE IS NOT CLASS ON 12/24/2016.  I fully expect students to enjoy the holiday, their families, and as much healthy food as they can fit in their faces.  Make sure you do five pushups for every present you receive BEFORE you open it.

Friday 12/16 and Saturday 12/17 classes

Friday class will be floor drills with spin crescent kicks, spin heel kicks, and jump spin crescent.  More advanced students will work on jump 540 spin techniques and tornado kicks leading to a 540.

Saturday will be punches, hand stands, knife hands, hammer fist, and throwing the “cheese.”  Any student that can do a cartwheel into a jump spin technique gets to throw the cheese at my face without me blocking.

On December the 24th, there will be no class due to the holiday!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Black Friday and Saturday  11/26 classes

Friday we will work on forms design and execution!   I haven’t given this the attention it deserves, and it can be a lot of fun to do a cool form!   Spare time will be invested in advanced kicks! 

Saturday will be more advanced kicks, proper setup, good form,  and balance.  Floor drills with advanced kicks are demanding, but it’s the best way to learn them!