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Snow day!

Due to the icy roads, i’m afraid I have to cancel again! Stay home, stay warm, drink cocoa!

2 thoughts on “Snow day!

    • Students learn a huge amount of curriculum.

      I’m a big believer in having a range of physical abilities. While specific sets of abilities will help you in a fight (and others are incredibly stupid) sometimes the fitness level derived from a range of movements is incredibly powerful.

      For example, a push-up is a profoundly stupid thing to do in a fight. Yet, the strength from it makes punches very powerful.

      Students will start with foundation in Taekwondo. Stances, punches, kicks. From there, students naturally branch out into expertise. While we still drill on techniques and basics, many students naturally gravitate towards parkour, weapons, or sparring. My youngest black belt is a fine fighter, with fast techniques, and weapons training. My oldest has a knack for parkour, and weapons.

      I teach all of those. A huge majority of techniques will be Taekwondo. Most of the weapons will be seen in Taekwondo competitions.

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