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Class 09/09/2018 and 09/10/2018 and Updates

Classes on both days will be more strict (half way.) I’m going to be demanding proper etiquette. Bow when you enter and leave the training area! Say “Yes Sir!”

I will absolutely put on music this time! I’m working on being able to use mp3, so we don’t have to listen to ads. On Saturday, we will start off with our obstacles, then stretches, then a few floor drills. Stances need to be precise! The last half of the class will have two stations. One for side kicks, the other for correct falling technique! On Sunday, we will do punches and arms with more cartwheels and round offs!

A few updates. As of Monday, we will hopefully be registered with the BBB! A big step for a small martial arts school. Our new website is up and running and has more functions than it used to. We now have a fully operational shop with our logo. You can also create your own if you want. I’m able to get a few special discount codes, and you’ll see those deals already applied to our stuff. 15% off right now! Also, if any students want to design a shirt for everyone to use, let me know. You’ll get 100% of the profits from your design.

Our website has an SSL certificate too, with 4068 byte encryption. Whatever you buy is secured!

Soon, our website will have social features. Blogs, forums, profiles, private messaging, maybe even a few built in arcade games!

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