Become a VMA school!

Are you a martial artist?  Athletic director?  Owner of a facility?

VMA would love to team up with you!

We have a simple franchise solution that requires very little risk to martial arts teachers or their host facilities.  In fact, there is no risk at all.  VMA is founded with the idea that martial arts should be shared with everyone.  Franchise fees, huge tuition, and financial hurdles get in the way of that mission.

What we’ll do for you:

  1.  Select and provide insurance for the students.
  2. Do online advertising for our martial arts.
  3. Encourage cross-training in gymnastics with our students.
  4. Provide curriculum.
  5. Screen instructors for skills assessment.
  6. Provide compensation for instructors.
  7. Provide compensation for our hosts.

How does it work?  Easy!  We will meet with athletic facilities and screen them for safety and functionality.  If they pass the screening, we staff an instructor, and negotiate ideal times to minimize impact on current cheer/tumbling, and also bring in additional revenue.  Instructors will have strict regulations, background checks, and skills tests.

If you own/rent an athletic facility this is our objective:  We go in and out, and you never know we were there, except for your compensation.

If you are a martial arts instructor:  Show up, teach with passion, respect our hosts, and be prepared to witness amazing students.

This is unlike any school before.  We are liberating martial arts from the garages and strip malls of america, returning it to its roots, lowering the cost, and helping students reach their full potential.  Our tuition is necessarily unbeatable.  We only accept the best facilities.





  1.  Can I teach?
    1. Yes.  If you have a background in martial arts.  We will screen prospective instructors for ability, knowledge, and background.  We will provide curriculum, and expect you to produce good quality students.
  2. Will my facility work?
    1. Generally, yes.  Spring floors, in-ground trampolines, safety, and wide open space will drastically improve your chances of being selected.  Our students health and safety is non-negotiable.  Keep it clean, and keep it safe.
  3. How much does it cost?
    1. As a teacher?  Nothing.
    2. As a facility owner?  Nothing.
    3. As Velocity martial arts?  Roughly $0.75 cents a month per student for insurance.  Another $0.12 for website maintenance.  Some administrative fees, instructor training fees, rent, supplies, interest, blah blah blah.  We are the business end and pay the business things.
  4. How do I know that my competition won’t subvert me?
    1. Can’t happen.  The objective is to spread martial arts to everyone.  Each year, your teacher contract and/or facility contract is negotiated.  Once a location is set, then the radius is settled.  We won’t pursue or permit any other VMA banner in that area.  You’ll have exclusive rights to host/teach in that radius.  Once the contract nears expiration, you are welcome to compete with your neighbors again.  There are lots of athletic facilities.
  5. Is it too good to be true?
    1. Skepticism is admirable.  The main point is this:  Most martial arts schools are small businesses.  They are placed in crammed YMCA’s, strip malls, rent-a-centers, and garages.  The instructors typically depend on their school to pay their salary.  Immediately, they are incapacitated by a never ending growth/survival death spiral.  Some reach a happy equilibrium.  VMA started out differently.  An initial investment was made in a low-cost business model.  After much sacrifice and time, the business model was refined.  Now it floats.  On its own.  To be honest, a majority of the satellite start-up fees are already allocated.  This is all without charging belt fees, testing fees, equipment fees, private lesson fees…etc etc.  This doesn’t mean the garages and strip malls don’t have good and powerful curriculum.  But sadly, it means students will pay egregious tuition to practice in a room that can’t fit a bo staff.
  6. Is it safe?
    1. All facilities and parks must meet strict safety and cleanliness guidelines.  No loose trash, no pests, no dangerous environment.  Likewise, we do not teach bladed weapons, firearms, or death matches.  We teach blunt weapons, approved by our insurance and local law enforcement, and all students practice stretching every class, as well as techniques to fall and recover.  In fact, there is a good chance that the class is safer than the parking lot.  Pads, tiered instruction, and guided curriculum insure that the students remain safe and comfortable, all while they push themselves to achieve.
  7. If I’m successful, why would I bother?
    1. Almost every athletic facility has scheduling gaps.  Almost every martial artist has a couple hours a week to teach.  Combine the two.  We fill in the gaps, squeezing what we can for you out of the investment.  Teachers also get to practice in an area they’ve probably never been.  Everyone grows from this relationship.  Not to mention, self-defense is a responsibility.  As business owners, we have an obligation to help our communities fulfill their responsibilities, and ensure their success.  Let us hope a student never needs to defend themselves.  But should they have to, it will be training at YOUR facility that they remember.  Not your bank account.  Likewise, city parks are perfect places to practice, full of obstacles, space, and open time.
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