Healthy kids

I just traveled to Scotsburg YMCA and had the pleasure to meet up with nursing students there.

Together, we worked for an hour to teach kids about healthy exercise!

I’d love for VMA to do more of this. Martial Arts is a fantastic way to stay healthy, build confidence, and supplement other sports. Plenty of reasons for kids and adults to do it!

If anyone wants me to come to their school for a seminar or talk, let me know!


6/10 class canceled

Due to camping, marathons, and family events, attendance will be low enough to merit no class (0.)

As such, feel no guilt, and enjoy the summer day!

6/9 and 6/10 classes

FLOOR drills. We are getting sloppy in our technique!

I want to see who has the best kicks and punches and stances. Remember, a low rank doesn’t mean you can’t beat a higher rank. We might even work on some older taekwondo moves!

Sunday will be sparring and sparring training!