Good students

Very proud of my two students who lost blood this weekend, honing their skills! A few bumps, bruises, and punches in the face…reminds me why I teach.

I live for those moments (happening regularly now) where students get the better of me. I’m getting kicked, punched, and de-contact-lensed. Every bruised shin is a victory. Every sore morning means I did my job!

But the real victors are these two students. Both with incredible talent and instinct, each using their training as an expression of their will to survive a fight. It can be tough to be punched by one another and, through blood and tears, still be comrades. But the discipline in this will carry to the real world.

Beat your instructor, sure. But you are resilient now. How could a word, mocking, taunting, or empty threats anger you now? Both of you have been through more physical assault than any bully could ever inflict. You did it together. You both beat me soundly on the way.

A true pleasure to teach you both! Though I think…you are the ones teaching me.

Excuse me while I get an ice pack.


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