A building???

I just submitted a proposal to a gym owner.  This gym is smaller than our last, but equally exciting.  It is up to the owner whether or not the will accept our little school!

A few rules to reinforce:

When we train inside someone else’s facility, we have to remember that it isn’t ours!  Their supplies, breakable mirrors, breakable windows, and breakable anything is breakable.  Breaking is strictly prohibited of any breakable breakables.

A break from that.

For tuition, it is likely it would increase.  Buildings mean increased liability, and rent, which means higher rates for students.  I promise I will be as aggressively affordable as I can possibly make it while still being able to pay for the website, insurance, make our charitable contributions, and occasionally afford boards and bricks!

I will post the exact details of the location and any tuition changes when, or if, anything is agreed upon.  I spoke highly of my students to this owner, as I always do.  I can’t help but brag!

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up about any possible changes.


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