No Class Friday

Due to it being the birthday of the instructor’s wife…no class will be held.  Of course, all students are still welcome to go to the park at that designated time without me!

Once I have my TWO (that’s right..TWO) black belts trained to teach, my absence will be less noticeable.

To become an instructor, students must write a lesson plan, have it approved, and fully teach a class.  After demonstrating to me, their ability to lead a successful class, I will make them an instructor.  This would likewise mean a reduction in tuition for those individuals.

At which point, in my absence, those students will begin class, and instruct.  This is the standard for nearly every martial arts club.  I’ve been in several classes where my instructor is called away due to illness, or is missing entirely.  At which point the lead student takes up the mantle and class goes on like normal.

This will NOT happen Friday, because I don’t have any instructors trained yet!  But I want my two black belts especially to work on their lesson plans.  Any red belts are more than welcome to become instructors as well.  Write up a lesson plan, I’ll approve it, then you will teach a full class.

White belts, not so fast!  It would take an extraordinary display of aptitude!  If you are up for the challenge, go ahead and try.  But you will be analyzed harshly.


Yes, TWO black belts now.  I’m very proud of both, and each of them has their own unique approach to Taekwondo.  K is particularly gifted with technique and academics of martial arts.  N has developed an affinity for daring kicks and unparalleled nunchaku ability!



I have been unable to update the website with my phone, like I typically do.  Some weird account setting, I imagine!

I have also been on the lookout for a church to host our school.  Here are a few reasons why I avoided this for so long.


  1.  I have been very careful as a teacher NOT to influence our students in a religious or political way.  I am a strong believe in their independence and ability to make those decisions on their own.
  2. My personal religious ideas and politics has and WILL remain isolated from martial arts.
  3. Political and Religious affiliation can alienate students whose parents and families come for diverse backgrounds.  Not everyone thinks and worships in the same way.  Martial arts is not a religion, or political practice.  Though, at times, it has been necessarily utilized this way.


This is why I finally chose to begin the church search.

  1. Religious communities tend to foster an atmosphere of support, mutual cooperation, community, and peace.  This is quintessential training.  Many martial artists in the world have, in parallel, religious affiliations that compliment their training.  To make this available would be wise.
  2. Many of the churches in the area provide a heightened pursuit of morality.  Where I can teach strength in our bodies, determination, and goal setting I am no philosopher.  Our tenets reflect the values expressed in many religions.  This was not an accident.
  3. Religious affiliations can be symbiotic, and often are, in martial arts.  Martial Artists have been birthed from many religions, and many martial artists have fought to defend them.  Recent events have demonstrated a renewed necessity for this symbiosis.

As such, I’m in contact with the most reputable churches in the area to find an indoor area for us to practice.

Should such a church permit our training, I would expect the following from my students:

  1.  Honor their place of worship.  You will not damage their building, disrespect their parishioners, or interfere with their worship.
  2. You are not obligated to share their religious beliefs.  They are not obligated to train with you.
  3. You will respect them, and be courteous to the pastors and worshipers.

In general, be the same awesome students you always have been.  I’m continually impressed by all of your good manners and kindness.  I expect it to continue as normal.

I will update all of you if a new location for us is found!