Black Belt Earned

Very proud that a student earned his black belt today. It’s been a long fight, with a record amount of goals set, but he earned it! You know who you are!


This Weekend

I want to crack down on goals. I have a couple red belts that I really want to be black belts!

We’ll do our warm up, stretches, then grind to pick out goals. Once we have them, we’ll work on them. Sparring will fill our spare time!

I do have a red belt testing this weekend for black!

Remember, black belts are to be addressed as Mr. or Ms. With “Yes Sir!” or “Yes Ma’am!” No matter their age, and especially if they are instructing.

The respect you show a black belt is the same respect you’ll receive when you earn yours.

This Weekend’s Classes 09/15-09/17

This weekend I’ll be focusing on sparring.  Each day, we’ll do our warm up (focusing on arms), then our stretches.

We’ll do 50%’s trading off partners.  Keep your arms in, don’t reach out to block!  It is a bad habit!  (even if your instructor does it!)

Then we will spar.  If we have enough time, we’ll do a mock tournament using a simple bracket to determine the winner.


Saturday we will follow the same training program.  But that evening, between 6 and 8 p.m. will be the LARP in the Park, if anyone wants to stick around!

This weekend’s classes…Friday 9/8-9/10

Due to popular requests, Sunday had been added to our schedule!!!  Kids are 1-2.  Adults are 2-3.  Just like we do on Saturday.

What this means is that students can potentially get their next ranks 50% faster.  If they get to every class.

More days (potentially Monday) could be added soon.

Friday we will run a lap, do burpees, then I’ll throw a few challenges on the ropes course.  After that, spin kicks!  Forever!  All weekend!

Saturday will get more advanced.  We’ll gradually work up to jump spins on Sunday.  I know some of you can do it already, but we can make it look much better.

We don’t have “The Cheese” anymore, but we do have a huge ball I’ll be bringing.  Good for kicking, throwing, attacking…  You guys can name it!