Friday, 8/25 and Saturday 8/26 classes

Friday we will work on sparring.

We’ll start the class with a warm-up and stretch.  Then we will work on fast techniques, trying to delivery powerful and precise attacks.  After that, we will pair off and try to spar everyone.  If we have enough time, we will practice our full nelson escape.


Saturday will be our parkour day/throw day.

We will officially do parkour in a park!  Imagine that.  If we can steal part of the skate park, and a picnic table, we’ll be in business.  If not, we will work on rolls on the actual ground, not padded squishy nonsense.

I will rehearse falling and proper shock absorption.  If we can get that down, we’ll try some hip throws to help our bodies get used to the real world again!


Also, I’m changing our park location.  You’ll see me closer to the entrance, in the SHADE.



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