Friday 8/18 and Saturday 8/19 Classes

Remember, do NOT go to TNT.  We are at Silver Street Park now!  Rain or shine!

Take exit 3 for IN-111/Grant Line Rd
0.2 mi
Turn right onto Grant Line Rd (signs for New Albany)
1.7 mi
Turn left onto Jollissaint Ave (This road is past the Walmart)
0.2 mi
Turn right onto Monon Ave  (Train Tracks will be on your left, and so will the new spot!)
486 ft
Turn left onto Silver St  (You should see it clearly!)
Just find a spot to park, and get out.  As you face the building, you’ll see soccer fields to your left, and a fountain park to your right.  Walk to the right.
You’ll see me!
I picked this spot because it is near tables and shelters that offer shade for parents.  It is also near water fountains, (the drinkable ones and the splashing ones.)  It is also near restrooms, and has two security cameras for added kid protection.
A few Tips for Mom and Dad.
#1.  Kids will get grass stains on their Dobak/Gi/Uniform/Clothes.  Remember, our martial arts uniform is designed to be dirty!  It is like jeans!  But for anyone who wants to clean it up, Fels Naptha bars are fantastically cheap, and work great on stains.  So does bleach!
#2.  Kids will face an overwhelming impulse to play in the fountains.  I, personally, don’t care.  Splashing in the water is a great way to stay cool in the sun.  I don’t mind if they do it in between exercises!  Keep in mind a couple of things…You’ll want a towel for your car seat cushions and possibly a change of clothes!  (Even if you tell them not to, if they see friends doing it, it will be almost impossible to prevent.)
#3.  You’ll see a relatively large jungle gym that looks intimidating!  The ground beneath it is padded and cushioned.  So don’t panic when you see your little monkeys climbing all over.  We will be running, jumping, flipping, rolling, kicking and punching on everything you see.  Water and shade are available, but please consider sunscreen, and maybe a sport drink for your kids!
#4.  There are things for families to do here.  Basketball, space for Frisbee, skate park, water features, and an indoor area as well to check out.  Why not make martial arts the end of a little family adventure?  Or the start?
Adults, that goes for you too.
Again, Lightning, tornado sirens, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and moderate to large meteor strikes will be grounds for cancelling class.
Things that will NOT cancel class:  Rain.  Snow.  Sun.  Heat.  Cold.  Bugs.  Zombies.    Alien invasions or earthquakes.  Earthquakes are only dangerous inside buildings, unless they cause massive fault lines, heaving earth, and vulcanic ruptures.  In which case, no place is safe anyway, so we might as well keep going.  As for alien invasions, we may be needed to combat their armies, board the mothership, and challenge their leader.

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