Our New Spot and tuition

Okay Velocity!  Remember class is as normal this Friday and Saturday.

Because we will not have the trampolines after these two classes, I’m going to let the students enjoy them to their fullest.  Students, I will turn you loose on both classes, both days.  You will get full credit, and I will not police you too much!

Rules:  I recommend you think about your trampoline/flip oriented goals.  Those types of things get much harder to learn without pads and tramps!  Secondly, please respect your team members.  If they want to practice a technique on a trampoline, they have the right of way.  Always take turns, and never run back on the trampoline.

If anyone disrespects their fellow classmates, or these rules, I will take them aside for some….private instruction.  Mostly involving sitting stances, and punches until your arms turn to jelly.

Effective September 1st, tuition will decrease by 25% to 30$ a month.  Without a facility to rent, I can charge much less and still keep our insurance and charitable contributions the same.

After this weekend, we will henceforth convene at 2043 Silver St, New Albany, IN 47150.  The times will be the same.  It can easily be found on Silver Street.  It runs between Grant Line Road and Charlestown Road.

From  265, turn onto the Charlestown Road exit.  Follow that road south.  You’ll pass a McDonalds, Taco Bell, and a few other fast food joints before turning right onto Silver Street.  As you continue on, about a quarter of a mile, the park will be on your left.  Right at the entrance, you’ll see several big trees.  We will practice in the shade in the summer, and (should we still be without a building), we will practice in the sunshine during winter.Untitled

Weather can be complicated!  Though I’ll do my best to keep people in the shade, sunscreen may be advised.

If it is hot, parents, please enjoy the shade.  There is also an indoor rec center that has some seating, or your vehicles.

If it is cold, bring a jacket!

If it is raining, bring a rain jacket!

If it is lightninging…lightningy, lightening….If Thor doth strike from above, class will immediately take shelter!  Prolonged severe weather may cancel our class!

If it is snowing, I don’t care.  We’ll have snowball fights, and snow sparring.

Weather may result in a loss of class time, but I will be discussing opening MORE classes.  That way people can get in as many as possible, even if we get weathered out.

Long story short, practicing outdoors has a loss of convenience in some ways, but opens up a lot of adventures in others!


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