Big changes, including tuition…

So we’ve got a big change.

The search for a building continues.

Until we find one, or maybe permanently, we will practice in a park.

The boring business side of it is this:. Rent is obliterated entirely, which means a reduction in tuition.  It would be more along the lines of a club due/association fee.

Insurance still covers us.

I have assurances from the police department that our weapons are okay!
The martial arts side is this:

1.  Martial arts is traditionally practiced outdoors.

2.  We will have access to more weapon types for advanced students.

3.  We have access to parkour areas that are more challenging.

4.  More exposure for growth.

5.  Open schedule for whenever we feel like it, much more convenient for parents.
Due to the public nature, more people will see what we do, and have questions about joining.  I’ll fill people in on details and times and tuition soon!


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