Friday 8-31 and Saturday 9-1 classes

Hurricanes are terrible.  Luckily all we have to deal with is a little rain and thunder.


Parents, fels naptha is excellent at removing mud and grass stains.

Students, friday, we will be doing a lot of core stuff!  I noticed a lot of our students need to brush up on their core strength and cardio!  Situps, wall climbs, pull ups, leg ups.  We will kick a lot as well!

Be prepared… rain makes metal surfaces very slippery.  Be aware of the surface you walk/run on and make sure to tread carefully.  Also, rain makes everything harder to do.


Saturday, we will do cardio, lots of it.  This will involve running and fighting!

Remember, rain happens.  Soldiers, super heroes, and martial artists don’t stop practicing because they don’t like rain.



By now, most parents and some of the students understand that our group was moved due to the school owners buying into a franchise called Ninja Kids.

There are two thoughts that are my responsibility to share.


Firstly, Ninja Kids does, first and foremost, get kids away from the TV and on their feet.  Anything that inspires healthy movement and exercise can not be wholly evil.

That being said…

Ninja Kids does leave out a critical part of the education.  The Ninja part.  These students will not be learning martial arts, and sadly, most will go through the program without any idea what Ninjutsu actually is.  They will never learn to kick, punch, or spar.  They will never know the kanji for Ninja.


I think the worst part of this, is that the move was clearly designed not with the kids’ self-defense in mind, but in order to make money.

Due to some legal constraints, I can’t name our previous school, or confirm directly some details.  But what I can do is describe a hypothetical.

Hypothetically, the kids will be charged around $70 a month for only (possibly) 4 hours.  That is (presumably) $17.5 an hour per kid.  Compared to $3.75 for us.  It is also possible that certain documents may have, probably, hypothetically, used phrases such as “feed off” and “target” when referring to the kids.


I wish I could say it was rare that it happens, but one of the reasons I started VMA was to fight the commercialization of martial arts, and the exploitation of the families who participate.  It is becoming more and more common.

While Velocity doesn’t cover EVERYTHING, we are one of the only schools that tries to cover MOST things.  Every instructor bears the responsibility that, should one of our students be attacked, it is MY training that will hopefully protect them.  If it doesn’t, that moral culpability is mine.  That responsibility will not be echoed in Ninja Kids.  Likewise, their financial entanglements will make escaping this paradigm almost impossible.


My students and their families understand this, I feel.  Your train with me because you or your kid are impossible to defeat.  You train with me because you wanted discipline, and strength.  All of my kids and their families make it abundantly clear that our tenets of Honor, Commitment, Respect, and Courage are more important than money.

In an act of direct defiance to their scheme, I’ll be presenting my students with a choice of several charities to choose from.  The one they pick will join the list of 7 that your tuition already supports.  The charities will be selected from Charity Watch.

“Feed off…”  That isn’t what martial arts is about.




Friday, 8/25 and Saturday 8/26 classes

Friday we will work on sparring.

We’ll start the class with a warm-up and stretch.  Then we will work on fast techniques, trying to delivery powerful and precise attacks.  After that, we will pair off and try to spar everyone.  If we have enough time, we will practice our full nelson escape.


Saturday will be our parkour day/throw day.

We will officially do parkour in a park!  Imagine that.  If we can steal part of the skate park, and a picnic table, we’ll be in business.  If not, we will work on rolls on the actual ground, not padded squishy nonsense.

I will rehearse falling and proper shock absorption.  If we can get that down, we’ll try some hip throws to help our bodies get used to the real world again!


Also, I’m changing our park location.  You’ll see me closer to the entrance, in the SHADE.


Friday 8/18 and Saturday 8/19 Classes

Remember, do NOT go to TNT.  We are at Silver Street Park now!  Rain or shine!

Take exit 3 for IN-111/Grant Line Rd
0.2 mi
Turn right onto Grant Line Rd (signs for New Albany)
1.7 mi
Turn left onto Jollissaint Ave (This road is past the Walmart)
0.2 mi
Turn right onto Monon Ave  (Train Tracks will be on your left, and so will the new spot!)
486 ft
Turn left onto Silver St  (You should see it clearly!)
Just find a spot to park, and get out.  As you face the building, you’ll see soccer fields to your left, and a fountain park to your right.  Walk to the right.
You’ll see me!
I picked this spot because it is near tables and shelters that offer shade for parents.  It is also near water fountains, (the drinkable ones and the splashing ones.)  It is also near restrooms, and has two security cameras for added kid protection.
A few Tips for Mom and Dad.
#1.  Kids will get grass stains on their Dobak/Gi/Uniform/Clothes.  Remember, our martial arts uniform is designed to be dirty!  It is like jeans!  But for anyone who wants to clean it up, Fels Naptha bars are fantastically cheap, and work great on stains.  So does bleach!
#2.  Kids will face an overwhelming impulse to play in the fountains.  I, personally, don’t care.  Splashing in the water is a great way to stay cool in the sun.  I don’t mind if they do it in between exercises!  Keep in mind a couple of things…You’ll want a towel for your car seat cushions and possibly a change of clothes!  (Even if you tell them not to, if they see friends doing it, it will be almost impossible to prevent.)
#3.  You’ll see a relatively large jungle gym that looks intimidating!  The ground beneath it is padded and cushioned.  So don’t panic when you see your little monkeys climbing all over.  We will be running, jumping, flipping, rolling, kicking and punching on everything you see.  Water and shade are available, but please consider sunscreen, and maybe a sport drink for your kids!
#4.  There are things for families to do here.  Basketball, space for Frisbee, skate park, water features, and an indoor area as well to check out.  Why not make martial arts the end of a little family adventure?  Or the start?
Adults, that goes for you too.
Again, Lightning, tornado sirens, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and moderate to large meteor strikes will be grounds for cancelling class.
Things that will NOT cancel class:  Rain.  Snow.  Sun.  Heat.  Cold.  Bugs.  Zombies.    Alien invasions or earthquakes.  Earthquakes are only dangerous inside buildings, unless they cause massive fault lines, heaving earth, and vulcanic ruptures.  In which case, no place is safe anyway, so we might as well keep going.  As for alien invasions, we may be needed to combat their armies, board the mothership, and challenge their leader.

Our New Spot and tuition

Okay Velocity!  Remember class is as normal this Friday and Saturday.

Because we will not have the trampolines after these two classes, I’m going to let the students enjoy them to their fullest.  Students, I will turn you loose on both classes, both days.  You will get full credit, and I will not police you too much!

Rules:  I recommend you think about your trampoline/flip oriented goals.  Those types of things get much harder to learn without pads and tramps!  Secondly, please respect your team members.  If they want to practice a technique on a trampoline, they have the right of way.  Always take turns, and never run back on the trampoline.

If anyone disrespects their fellow classmates, or these rules, I will take them aside for some….private instruction.  Mostly involving sitting stances, and punches until your arms turn to jelly.

Effective September 1st, tuition will decrease by 25% to 30$ a month.  Without a facility to rent, I can charge much less and still keep our insurance and charitable contributions the same.

After this weekend, we will henceforth convene at 2043 Silver St, New Albany, IN 47150.  The times will be the same.  It can easily be found on Silver Street.  It runs between Grant Line Road and Charlestown Road.

From  265, turn onto the Charlestown Road exit.  Follow that road south.  You’ll pass a McDonalds, Taco Bell, and a few other fast food joints before turning right onto Silver Street.  As you continue on, about a quarter of a mile, the park will be on your left.  Right at the entrance, you’ll see several big trees.  We will practice in the shade in the summer, and (should we still be without a building), we will practice in the sunshine during winter.Untitled

Weather can be complicated!  Though I’ll do my best to keep people in the shade, sunscreen may be advised.

If it is hot, parents, please enjoy the shade.  There is also an indoor rec center that has some seating, or your vehicles.

If it is cold, bring a jacket!

If it is raining, bring a rain jacket!

If it is lightninging…lightningy, lightening….If Thor doth strike from above, class will immediately take shelter!  Prolonged severe weather may cancel our class!

If it is snowing, I don’t care.  We’ll have snowball fights, and snow sparring.

Weather may result in a loss of class time, but I will be discussing opening MORE classes.  That way people can get in as many as possible, even if we get weathered out.

Long story short, practicing outdoors has a loss of convenience in some ways, but opens up a lot of adventures in others!

Big changes, including tuition…

So we’ve got a big change.

The search for a building continues.

Until we find one, or maybe permanently, we will practice in a park.

The boring business side of it is this:. Rent is obliterated entirely, which means a reduction in tuition.  It would be more along the lines of a club due/association fee.

Insurance still covers us.

I have assurances from the police department that our weapons are okay!
The martial arts side is this:

1.  Martial arts is traditionally practiced outdoors.

2.  We will have access to more weapon types for advanced students.

3.  We have access to parkour areas that are more challenging.

4.  More exposure for growth.

5.  Open schedule for whenever we feel like it, much more convenient for parents.
Due to the public nature, more people will see what we do, and have questions about joining.  I’ll fill people in on details and times and tuition soon!