Friday 7/28 and Saturday 7/29 classes

Both days will be partnering up and sparring.  We will work as a team to develop combos, and work on controlling the opponent.


Upcoming Changes

Some of you may have seen that our gracious hosts, Twist N Turns, is participating in an exciting new program, Ninja Zone.  This is a high-energy athletics oriented parkour, martial arts, and gymnastics fusion.  Its principle may seem familiar!

As such, TNT will be augmenting their scheduling and times.

What does this mean for Velocity Martial Arts?

There are a couple of possibilities, but nothing is set in stone yet.

First, it is important to remember they host us, and at any time, are free to discontinue that without explanation or notice.


Possibility #1.  They will reschedule us to different day(s) and time(s) to open up valuable time slots for Ninja Zone.

Possibility #2.  They will have to use up all available time slots for Ninja Zone, leaving us homeless.

Possibility #3.  It is quite likely (once kids see the curriculum and focus) that any displacement is negated by them transitioning.  In other words, if we get kicked from the schedule, students are more than welcome to try the Ninja Zone curriculum.  Especially since my students will be pros at it.


Plan for Possibility #1.  We reschedule classes as best we can, and continue on as normal, though I may encourage students to try Ninja Zone.

Plan for Possibility #2.  We will find a new place!  YMCA’s, Boys and Girls clubs, parks and other gymnastics schools are welcoming to martial artists.  So we may move, but I’ll do my best to make it as convenient (or more) for people.  Even if we need a brief haitus to find a new location.  Naturally no tuition would be charged during such a time.

Plan for Possibility #3.  If my students participate in Ninja Zone, which I hope they do, remember a couple of things.  First, I do not own or manage Ninja Zone.  It is a franchise that strives to get kids up and moving and away from the TV.  I can not dictate specifics of the curriculum, scheduling, or have special treatment for my students as far as tuition for Ninja Zone, or rank advancement!

THAT BEING SAID…  I really hope my students can join up to Ninja Zone once it goes live.  There will be a sizable influx of new kids that don’t know how to do what we do.  Any student of mine that signs up, I would rely heavily on to demonstrate proper techniques.


So, I’ll keep everyone posted on developments!

Friday 7/7 and Saturday 7/8 classes

Friday we will try some sparring with grabs and tackles after doing rigorous arm workouts.  Get used to being taken down and taking down an opponent.  Most fights end up on the ground.

Saturday will be legs with a kicking drills using jump front kicks.  After that, I’ll open up the drill to any jump kick.  Work on control and hitting the target!