Friday 06/30 and Saturday 07/01 class

I renewed the domain mapping on the website!  Sorry about the downtime!

Friday we will do more 50%’s.  Higher ranks will incorporate kicks to their 50%’s.  We will do some floor drills with basic kicks.  High ranks will work on jump kicks!  Extra time may be spent on sparring.

Saturday will be spin kicks again.  I want to ensure that even lower ranks get good experience with spin kicks.  Learning to spin backwards and kick is a fantastic way to score a quick point, and practice your balance and maneuverability.  Spin kicks are rarely successful in an actual confrontation, but the benefits of the practice will certainly help you protect yourself.


Friday 6/23 and Saturday 6/24 classes

Friday we will be working on the three main kicks with partner drills.  Such legs each time and hit hard!  If the advanced ranks want to coach on spin kicks, we might try that.
Saturday will punches, palms and elbows.  Partner drills.  Sparring both days!

Friday 6/16 and Saturday 6/17 classes

Reinforcing a bit more tradition and vocabulary.  Some quick basic drills about spinning.  Higher ranks, I’ll be depending on you to help demonstrate good technique!  Spare time will be given to parkour!
Saturday we will do a line form, and learn about fast twitch muscles and which ones you have!  Explosive technique with hands and feet.

Friday 6/2 and Saturday 6/3 Classes

In Friday’s class, we will work on kicking height in partner drills.  Try to get good technique as well as good height.  Kids may have a jumping contest at the end of our kicking and leg drills!  Adults will work on forms again.  Keep grinding away at our two belt testings coming up.


Saturday there will be no class!  Don’t show up Saturday!