Friday 5/19 and Saturday 5/20 Classes

Friday we will pair up with partners for sparring drills and core strength.  I’ll bring some good combos, and we’ll work on multiple movements.  We have to incorporate more than one strike in a fight.  One attack is a wasted attack.  We will rotate a lot to make sure everyone can spar everyone else.  I’ll also be incorporating a few more of the traditional terminologies.  We may have a potential second location, so I’ll talk briefly about that, and have a quick chat about “being the hero in someone else’s story.”  I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be mentioned again.


Saturday, we will do a sweep take-down that you already know, and a basic forward hip throw.  Fifteen minutes is all you get to practice before we do more sparring drills, with ground work involved.  Try your take-downs.  First partner on the ground is the loser.




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