New Attendance System

My old system was not very reliable, and with our first black belt, several red belts, and an army of new students, I had to make some revisions to make it more efficient.

If all goes according to plan, the students will come to the front of the class and grab their ID card.  They will bring it to me and I’ll scan it.  Each ID card will be customized digitally with NFC.  It will automatically timestamp a calendar with their attendance (and hopefully) store some data on their card as well.

Students will not be able to take these cards home. There is a cost to them, and it takes a little time to set up.  I’d prefer to order them as needed, and keep each students’ individual tags with me!  I’ll give them a tutorial on how to use them.  It is relatively easy!

I’m working on a few more changes that include transparency with the business model, and ways kids can check their goals, attendance, and progress online.  I’ll update as things happen!


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