Soon, I’ll be harassing all of my students and parents for two things!

Some of you provided these things on the application.  Some didn’t!

Phone number:  I have mass texting service!  If you text “EZYFE75193” (without quotes) to #313131, it will register your phone on a special texting list that only I control.

It makes it incredibly handy for me to send out class emergency updates like cancellations, weather danger, medical emergencies, to all the parents and students!


Likewise, if I’m provided an e-mail, I can associate that e-mail with the online classroom (under construction).  This will allow you to keep track of performance, rank, attendance, assignments, and other things!  Hopefully it will be a good tool for people to really involve themselves, even on the days we don’t have class.

So, here’s the deal.  Text that code to 313131 and get on the emergency text list.

And message me on facebook (or on the contact page here) or call, or anything and give me your e-mail.  I don’t do spam e-mail or anything like that, but it is a help if I need to invite you to see your students’ progress!


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