Friday 5/26 and Saturday 5/27 classes…

Friday we will be working on high jumps, and front kicks.  There has been enough interest in a competition that we might start planning that.  I want good kicks, good technique, and we can see how high my students kick.

Saturday we will do a line form.  With good technique.   For kids, if we can get through the drill, I’ll give you free time.   For adults, there may not be a line form, but there is no free time.

Bring your decorated cards, if you haven’t already! 


Mind over Matter

It happened again.


A student made up their mind to accomplish a goal and did it in a single hour of dedicated and determined practice.  Unlike breaking a board, or practicing for a month, these types of transitions are unique.  Both the teacher and the student know, and witness first hand, the inability to accomplish the goal.


When I hold a board for a student, I know fully that certain students can smash through it.  When I teach them a kick, I know they’ll get it eventually if they practice.  But when they do the impossible in a single class time, something amazing has happened right before our eyes.


In this case, it was a back flip.  At the start of the class the student could NOT do it.  It was impossible.  They were afraid to commit to the flip, they made a solid hour of failed attempts.  Then…they hit one.  Then another.  And another.  I kept repeating “Keep going!  Don’t hesitate!  Don’t let your mind forget!”  By the end of it, the student was doing back flips everywhere.


But what CHANGED?!  The student wasn’t any stronger or more flexible.  The student didn’t get magical powers, or get bitten by a radioactive spider.  If anything, they were more tired and weaker than at the start of class.  So what changed?


The mind.  Most fundamentally, it was their memory of a successful attempt and how it felt.  Once the successful attempt happened, their belief changed from “I can’t,” to “I can.”


It makes one wonder….what we would be capable of if we believed in ourselves…

Friday 5/19 and Saturday 5/20 Classes

Friday we will pair up with partners for sparring drills and core strength.  I’ll bring some good combos, and we’ll work on multiple movements.  We have to incorporate more than one strike in a fight.  One attack is a wasted attack.  We will rotate a lot to make sure everyone can spar everyone else.  I’ll also be incorporating a few more of the traditional terminologies.  We may have a potential second location, so I’ll talk briefly about that, and have a quick chat about “being the hero in someone else’s story.”  I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be mentioned again.


Saturday, we will do a sweep take-down that you already know, and a basic forward hip throw.  Fifteen minutes is all you get to practice before we do more sparring drills, with ground work involved.  Try your take-downs.  First partner on the ground is the loser.




Soon, I’ll be harassing all of my students and parents for two things!

Some of you provided these things on the application.  Some didn’t!

Phone number:  I have mass texting service!  If you text “EZYFE75193” (without quotes) to #313131, it will register your phone on a special texting list that only I control.

It makes it incredibly handy for me to send out class emergency updates like cancellations, weather danger, medical emergencies, to all the parents and students!


Likewise, if I’m provided an e-mail, I can associate that e-mail with the online classroom (under construction).  This will allow you to keep track of performance, rank, attendance, assignments, and other things!  Hopefully it will be a good tool for people to really involve themselves, even on the days we don’t have class.

So, here’s the deal.  Text that code to 313131 and get on the emergency text list.

And message me on facebook (or on the contact page here) or call, or anything and give me your e-mail.  I don’t do spam e-mail or anything like that, but it is a help if I need to invite you to see your students’ progress!

New Attendance System

My old system was not very reliable, and with our first black belt, several red belts, and an army of new students, I had to make some revisions to make it more efficient.

If all goes according to plan, the students will come to the front of the class and grab their ID card.  They will bring it to me and I’ll scan it.  Each ID card will be customized digitally with NFC.  It will automatically timestamp a calendar with their attendance (and hopefully) store some data on their card as well.

Students will not be able to take these cards home. There is a cost to them, and it takes a little time to set up.  I’d prefer to order them as needed, and keep each students’ individual tags with me!  I’ll give them a tutorial on how to use them.  It is relatively easy!

I’m working on a few more changes that include transparency with the business model, and ways kids can check their goals, attendance, and progress online.  I’ll update as things happen!