Friday 4/21 and 4/22 classes

Friday and Saturday will be a little unique.

I’d like to carefully document and work on goals for the first half of each class.  I’ll offer some guidance and instruction to all of you as I walk around and watch you practice.  Choose wisely.  Whatever goal you decide to work on that day is what you must do for up to 25 minutes.

Flips can be fun, but 25 minutes of them will wear you out.  Bo staff is awesome, but 25 minutes can easily give you blisters.  Choose wisely.

The second half of each class, I’ll want pictures!  You may keep working on goals, but I will call students and groups of students to different areas to showcase your abilities.  Pictures and video!

I’d like to compile our good stuff into a quick montage for Youtube.  Then I’d like to flood our gallery with awesome pictures!

You can help me out by wearing your full uniform, bringing your weapons and supplies.  Think about your goals!


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