Too often there are advertisements on TV about this and that drug.  This and that doctor.  This and that disease.  So many of them focus around energy.  “Do you feel tired?”

Sleep the appropriate amount each night.  Eat a healthy diet with lots of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables (or take a multivitamin).  Drink lots of water.  Exercise.

Those things will always give you more energy!

But there is something deeper…more meaningful.  Our history is filled with battles, overcoming impossible foes, defeating enemies in the name of justice.  Might I propose…ferocity?


When was the last time you approached something with ferocity?  Attacking it, defeating it, finishing it with conviction?  School work, employment, relationships…When was the last time we did these things with (not just clear intent) but a vicious desire to accomplish?  Don’t just study mathematics…assimilate it.  Learn all of it.  Take school work into your mind like you own it, like you have a right to every last formula.

Don’t just work, study the field you are in, learn to be precise and competent.  Even if it is boring, do it out of spite…master it for the sake of mastering.

And at every step of the way, even with no results/minimal results, congratulate yourself on your ferocity.  WANT it.  Whatever it is…WANT it.

That drive to hungrily accomplish anything you set your mind to will give you energy beyond imagining.  Energy to get through that chapter, workbook, work day, client….



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