Friday 4/28 and Saturday 4/29 classes

These two days, I’ll reinforce some more traditional training.   We’ll still do our obstacles and flips, but I want good discipline, loud kiaps and sharp stances while we do more traditional moves.  Together, we’ll make a line form, and discuss how these traditional techniques work.  Saturday, we will do the same!  If we look good, I’ll throw some pictures on our website!


First Youtube Video

I was able to create a quick mashup of footage captured from last week!  The video isn’t perfect, and I didn’t get to feature nearly all of the students I wanted, or as much as I wanted!  So many awesome students, the video would be hours long if I had the time.

Here’s a link!

Friday 4/21 and 4/22 classes

Friday and Saturday will be a little unique.

I’d like to carefully document and work on goals for the first half of each class.  I’ll offer some guidance and instruction to all of you as I walk around and watch you practice.  Choose wisely.  Whatever goal you decide to work on that day is what you must do for up to 25 minutes.

Flips can be fun, but 25 minutes of them will wear you out.  Bo staff is awesome, but 25 minutes can easily give you blisters.  Choose wisely.

The second half of each class, I’ll want pictures!  You may keep working on goals, but I will call students and groups of students to different areas to showcase your abilities.  Pictures and video!

I’d like to compile our good stuff into a quick montage for Youtube.  Then I’d like to flood our gallery with awesome pictures!

You can help me out by wearing your full uniform, bringing your weapons and supplies.  Think about your goals!


Students are joining pretty quickly.  Which is AWESOME.  Please remember the referral program.  Martial arts is for everyone, which is why I try to keep the tuition as low as I can, and offer programs like that to encourage new students.

Just an update, I have three graphic artist commissions for logos and video intros for our Youtube channelVMA_Logo3

I know some of this might be pretentious.  Logos and stylish graphics do not make a good school.  But my students are determined and proud, and the school has earned a little graphics update.

We still have one student up to challenge a board break for someone twice his age.  A student working on breaking through bricks.  Side flips, Straight A’s, and a lot of other excellent goals.  Keep training, warriors.

Record class!

Saturday was our largest collective class!  A huge thanks to parents and kids who do rederrals, and the awesome students that keep up their training!  My first student will have two years under his belt (pun?) in July.  I’m honored to teach such outstanding students!

Warrior in a Garden


No one wants to resort to violence.  No one wants to employ martial arts skills to debilitate an attacker.  But I’d rather have the skills there if I need them.

There are a few things in the Art of War by Sun Tzu that don’t apply to modern day.  But there are many that still do.  They apply to the battles in war, they apply to the battles with ourselves, and they apply to the battles we have with other people.

Friday 4/14 and Saturday 4/15 classes.

Friday I want to work on arms.   We’ll do knife hands strike in front stance, push ups, throwing cheese, lots of punches, partner pad drills, hand stands and push ups.  Spare time will be spent on parkour.

Saturday will be legs and core.  Sit ups, planks, squats, sitting stance, spin kicks, leg ups, jump switch front kick, and maybe more parkour!