Friday 3/31 and Saturday 4/1 classes

Friday, I want obstacle courses to be done well!  High flips, daring rolls, vaulting and pushing yourself!  We will work on deep stances, especially sitting stance and front stance.  Kids will do hand stands and balance and sparring.  Adults will do spin kicks, and sparring.


Saturday, BRING YOUR WEAPONS.  We will have obstacles and weapons practice.  If you don’t bring one, I will assign one to you to learn for the day.  We will also work on sparring and using aggression with fast techniques.

Both days are specifically designed to get good workouts, practice some good form, and allow me to take pictures and videos for the website.  If you don’t want to be online-famous, let me know, and I will delete any pictures of you!


They demand pictures!

A prospective student mentioned that we had no pictures or videos on the website!  This particular student likes action pictures and videos.  Well folks, he asked for it.  Friday and Saturday we’ll get in flips, some escapes, sparring, and maybe some specialized action shots.  If any parents would prefer their children not end up on youtube or this website, feel free to let me know, and I will ensure it never happens.

That being said, I encourage everyone to wear their uniforms and belts, and bring their weapons as well!  I’ll take a few awesome pictures and put them up so other students can get a feel for what we do.

3/24 and 3/25 classes…

I’m going to try to do a repeat of last week’s classes.  Why?  There are a ton of really cool moves we find in Taekwondo that may not have immediate applicability in a fight, but are part of the history of the style.  To learn about them is to learn what we do.

I will also be throwing closed eye drills at you!  Having muscle memory is important, and we can tap into our neural plasticity by forcing ourselves to use it!

Growing Pains

Our website is a little strange, I know!  I’m working on it!

As our students and family know, our tuition is ridiculously low.  In fact, VMA as a business is designed this way.  Cost savings in supplies, locations, utility, and commercialization are all directly passed to the students.  VMA is designed to share martial arts with everybody, regardless of annual income.  The business itself is sustainable with one student, or a million.

As such, the business model growth threshold has been triggered.  This was determined two years ago, before our very first class.  When a certain number of students was reached, I would immediately begin looking to open a satellite location.  I’ve been calling around to local gymnastics facilities in other towns, prepared to make them generous franchise offers.

Again, these offers are negotiated to make each location sustainable, regardless of student enrollment (high or low.)  Each offer is designed to generously compensate our hosts, insure our students, and pay instructors.

Some changes will begin to go into effect:

  1.  Our current active (and first) location will be the Panda School.  This is, of course, a direct result of the student(s) responsible for creating the “Sleeping Panda” style.  These designations are simple to help us differentiate between our campus and others, even though we are all part of the same association.
  2. Rules will be enforced!  While family is a positive impact on the students, I will have to request that whichever half of the room we are working in, must be exclusively for martial arts.  Close calls, and general monkey business are dangerous and distracting!  What we do is dangerous and we can’t always see where we are going, or where we are kicking.  Thus, I officially banish parents and siblings to the opposite side of the room.  Quite strictly, I’m afraid.  I’m being more merciful than I should, and I enjoy the families’ presence.  But should this rule not be adhered to, family will be further banished to the observation area.  Please understand this is to maximize student productivity, and protect the various munchkins that run amok.
  3. Kids class is kids class.  Adult class is for adults.  I separate the two by age.  Under 12 is kids.  12+ is Adult.  I know there are siblings, and eager learners who want to double up on classes, but this too must end.  Adults have different bodies, stamina and motor control.  I expect them to handle more intense mental strain, push themselves, and struggle with physical limitations.  Kids are, by default, fearless, crazed little monsters with zero limitations.  I necessarily must keep both groups separate for maximization of potential.
  4. Our ability to secure good facilities for other locations will be heavily dependent upon your reviews, referrals, and inputs.  Click HERE to be taken to the yelp page to give us honest reviews.  Click HERE to be taken to the yellow pages.  This is entirely voluntary, I want honesty, and there is no quid pro quo.
  5. Higher rank students will begin teaching training.  This purpose of this is two-fold.  Teaching is an excellent way to refine your knowledge and grow as a martial artist, professional, student, or any kind of leader.  Black belts will teach periodically.  The second purpose is that (as we are possibly expanding), the other locations will need to be staffed by instructors who know what they are doing.  Martial Artists are everywhere, but I need ones who can do flips, spin kicks, and know their way around multiple weapons.  So if you are wearing red on your waist, be prepared!  You will be pushed to teach!

As always, if anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch here, or on facebook, by phone, etc!

Friday March 17th and 18th classes. 

Stances, floor drills, and technique.  Maybe a few older techniques.  Double knife hand blocks, spear hands, inverted knife hands, good front stances, crescent kicks, and loud kiap!  Starting more advanced parkour obstacles.

Saturday is more advanced floor drills, spin kicks, turning feont stance, technique control.

Spare time will be spent on weapons or sparring.

Friday 3/3 and Saturday 3/4 classes

Friday will be holds, escapes, throws, and takedowns.  We will focus on a good restraint, a full nelson escape and take-down, wall pin reversal.  Knee strikes, throat attacks, and close quarter combat.  A few core exercises as well.  A new hero to talk about!

Saturday will be an extension of the close quarters combat, and being well rehearsed in critical strikes and opponent incapacitation.