Friday 2/24 and Saturday 2/25 classes…

Friday we will work on double kicks and lots of sparring!  If i see sloppy technique, sparring pauses and we do drills as a team.

Saturday, I want both kids and adults to touch spun techniques again.  Simple and fast spin kicks can win a fight.  Complex ones won’t.  But the body control from those techniques helps immensely.  MORE SPARRING!


Friday 2/17 and Saturday 2/18 classes.

Floor drills with kicks and stances.  We need to clean up our technique.  Front stances, good kicks, forward forms.  It won’t be easy, and if we can grind through this, I’ll surrender the last ten minutes of class to independent study.  If technique is sloppy, and there isn’t enough focus/teamwork, we will devote the last bit of class to ab workouts.

Saturday we will revisit good stances and technique, but have more fun with jumps and spins (hopefully) on the spring floor.  Crescent -> tornado.  Tornado -> 540 kick.  Maybe a fun tricking combo!  Spin heel/tornado/butterfly.

Friday 2/10 and Saturday 2/11 classes

Friday we will be doing blocks with kicks, good kicking technique, and tactical blocking technique.  We’ll finish up with sparring to test it out.

Saturday we will continue the blocking theme, but upgrade our blocks to help us manipulate the opponent. We can use their attacks to initiate a spin, set them off balance and win a fight.