Friday 1/27 and Saturday 1/28 Classes

Friday will be tons of arms!  Our normal obstacle course (students better roll on the pads, or suffer push-ups).  We will add wrist stretches to our normal stretch routine today.  We will do lots of repetitious arm exercises, lots of punches, planks, plank knife-hands, push ups galore, jumping jacks, cartwheels, hand stands….and then a rousing game of “kill-the-other-student-by-throwing-the-cheese.”  Maybe we should invent a new name for that?  Cheese cannon?  Adults will do a similar exercise, but with a much heavier pad, and with me pressuring them to MOVE FASTER!

Saturday we will give our arms a break and do more core workouts!  Sit ups, leg ups, roman crunches, slow hand + head stands, and burpess.

The rest of Saturday, I’d love to get some video of our classes doing the things they love.  A few sparring matches, some flips, some weapons.  If parents or students object to the video, let me know!  I intend to clip things together for youtube, and I promise not to make anyone look bad!


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