Friday 1/27 and Saturday 1/28 Classes

Friday will be tons of arms!  Our normal obstacle course (students better roll on the pads, or suffer push-ups).  We will add wrist stretches to our normal stretch routine today.  We will do lots of repetitious arm exercises, lots of punches, planks, plank knife-hands, push ups galore, jumping jacks, cartwheels, hand stands….and then a rousing game of “kill-the-other-student-by-throwing-the-cheese.”  Maybe we should invent a new name for that?  Cheese cannon?  Adults will do a similar exercise, but with a much heavier pad, and with me pressuring them to MOVE FASTER!

Saturday we will give our arms a break and do more core workouts!  Sit ups, leg ups, roman crunches, slow hand + head stands, and burpess.

The rest of Saturday, I’d love to get some video of our classes doing the things they love.  A few sparring matches, some flips, some weapons.  If parents or students object to the video, let me know!  I intend to clip things together for youtube, and I promise not to make anyone look bad!


Friday 1/20 and Saturday 1/21 classes

Friday we will learn about explosive action vs controlled action.  We’ll do squats, push ups, punches, and jump kicks as practice and demonstration.  I’ll also talk about your brain, physiology, and why controlling our emotions is useful in stressful situations.

Saturday, spin kicks, flexibility.  Ill also build off reactionary movement and counter-strike technique.  Then we’ll do sparring and try it out.

Friday 1/13 and Saturday 1/14 classes

No one will like it, but we are going to do leg flexibility, kicking height and exercises and drills to have powerful, controlled kicks on Friday.  Kids and adults need to be able to kick high and fast.  Sparring with any spare time!

Saturday will be more sparring, and some simple take downs, and body control with trampolines and obstacles.

Friday 1/6/17 and Saturday 1/7/17 classes

Friday we will revisit 50%, alternating kicking drills, and a different kind of jumping challenge.  I want kicks to be head level.  No excuses!

Saturday will be blocks and punches, push ups and abs.  We start by making your arms tired, then force them to fight!

On both days, I want good flow over obstacles.  We can not afford to get hung up on posture and balance if we are running/attacking. If I see anything less than cat-like ninja… push ups will happen.