Black Friday and Saturday  11/26 classes

Friday we will work on forms design and execution!   I haven’t given this the attention it deserves, and it can be a lot of fun to do a cool form!   Spare time will be invested in advanced kicks! 

Saturday will be more advanced kicks, proper setup, good form,  and balance.  Floor drills with advanced kicks are demanding, but it’s the best way to learn them!


Friday 11/18 and Saturday 11/19 classes

On Friday we will do cardio and relays and lots of tumbling to make sure our landings are safe!   Students with more advanced ability will work on style.

On Saturday, more core and sparring.  We need to all work on being fast, and strategic in our strikes.  Real confrontation ends quickly, and it’s always best to be the one ending it! 

Both days we will try some quick advanced kicks if we have time.