July 1st and 2nd class

On 7/1, adults’ and children’s classes will be doing terrible strenuous arm exercises!  Keep your guard raised, your arms up, and your punches strong.  You can prep for this class by eating healthy foods and doing lots of push ups!  Why do arm exercises?  They build strong punches, and improve your ability to block and defend yourself.

As usual, punching drills will include the kids punching me in the stomach repeatedly.  My ribs always enjoy that.  The offer still stands for kids.  If they send me to the hospital, they get a stripe.  Adults are not permitted to punch me, much.  Most could send me to the hospital, and adults don’t get stripes for that, only pained looks of betrayal.


On 7/2, both classes will be doing some exhausting leg exercise!  Prep with squats, lunges, and wall sits!  Kids will be doing a relay race for the best times.  I expect SPEED.  Adults will enjoy a thorough bout of knife defense.  I expect to have my wrist broken!