No class Saturday 11/18!

Remember, there is no class today!


Class this weekend

We will be doing a lot of sparring, with a huge emphasis on street smarts, evading an attacker, and defending against a knife.

It’s so easy to be targeted, be in the wrong place, or to make a critical mistake. Avoiding those instances will keep you alive.

We’ll cover what to look for in your environment, what violent offenders do, how to tell the difference between a bully and worse. What you need to do to maximize your safety.

Parents, I’ll keep content PG in the kid’s class. But I won’t pull punches in the 12+ class. It wouldn’t hurt for the parents to learn this stuff either.

It can be a dangerous world. We just have to train responsibly.

A Building?

In the process to find a new roof…

The Parks Department of New Albany is in ownership of the old Boys and Girls club in the city. Which is empty!

For a rental fee (as yet to be determined) we should be able to practice there.

You guys can help by e-mailing/calling this guy:

4th District – Patrick McLaughlin (President)
1739 Florence Ave.
(812) 949-9140,

He is on the city council and in charge of the area the building is in!

Not sure how much it will expedite things, but the more emails and calls he gets, the more he might realize that we really want it!

This Weekend

I want to crack down on goals. I have a couple red belts that I really want to be black belts!

We’ll do our warm up, stretches, then grind to pick out goals. Once we have them, we’ll work on them. Sparring will fill our spare time!

I do have a red belt testing this weekend for black!

Remember, black belts are to be addressed as Mr. or Ms. With “Yes Sir!” or “Yes Ma’am!” No matter their age, and especially if they are instructing.

The respect you show a black belt is the same respect you’ll receive when you earn yours.