No class today either

Still ice covering enough to worry me.  No class today!


Class 1/12-1/14

It’s cold.  Wet.  Icy!  Tell me who is coming!

Let me know who intends to practice!  If census is low, I might do what the schools did and cancel Friday.  We do a lot of work on surfaces at are slick.  I don’t want my students to end up looking like something from Game of Thrones.

1/5 – 1/7 Classes

The temperature on Friday will be between 18 and 15 degrees fahrenheit, with no sun!  If you are coming to class, please dress warmly with a coat, gloves, a hat, and maybe even extra socks.  If you are not coming, please comment on facebook, send me a message, or text me!  Please!

Otherwise, we will start class with a run to stay as warm as possible, stretches with challenges thrown in, and some fast-paced drills and sparring.


I will be contacting the parks department also this month, regarding a building.  Hopefully it goes well!

No Class Friday 12/28

Due to three variables, class will have to be cancelled Friday.

Firstly, your instructor has holiday plans with the family that had to be rescheduled due to working on Christmas.

Secondly, it will be frigidly cold…after dark….which is a great recipe for frostbite, and frozen students.  Students take a remarkably long time to thaw, and most parents would prefer to have their kids defrosted for new years eve.  They don’t fit in the microwave either.

Other news:  2018 may bring us a building.  I’ll be in contact with the Parks Department regarding a potential at the start of the year.

Remember, Sunday (new year’s eve) is still canceled, but Saturday is still on!

Friday 12/22 and Saturday 12/23

It will be rainy and cold both days!   This means lots of cardio for warmth.   Parents, make sure you have a towel for your kids/car!  We will run our 1/2 mile and do lots of kicking both days. 

Also, remember there is no class Sunday.

If any students won’t be attending class, please message me!  Or call/text me at 812-207-5814.

Feel free to comment on Facebook too.