Saturday 2/10 and Sunday 2/11

Saturday will be focusing on sparring, combos, and impact.

Sunday we will switch it up by introducing multiple enemies!


No class on fridays!

Remember, new gym on Saturday and Sunday, and Friday classes are cancelled.

Go to: STUDIO HIIT 1418 Blackiston Mill Rd., Suite 6, Clarksville, Indiana 47129

Same times on both days.

Remember, Studio Hiit. Not the martial arts place next door!




There are several changes, some good, some not, that are starting.

Firstly, for the good and most immediate.


The owner at Studio HIIT in Clarskville Indiana was kind enough to offer us a space on saturdays and sundays.  Same time.  With a new and update facility!

The address is 1418 Blackiston Mill Rd #6, Clarksville, IN 47129.

It is incredibly important to note that you will see a neighboring martial arts studio.  That is NOT where we are located.  Make sure it is Suite #6, the one that says Studio HIIT.

I’ll go over some rules and regulations while we are there.


Secondly, we are given our usual time slots on Saturday and Sunday.  This means there is no class on Friday anymore.  At least for now.  Ideally, I want as many classes as possible, but we have to be respectful of the needs of the gym owner.

Likewise, tuition will increase from $30 to 60$.  Tuition is what pays for insurance and (now) rent.  I do my best to keep the prices as competitive as possible.  There will still be no contracts.  I’m also going to give everyone a one-month buffer.  So the new tuition won’t start until the first class of March.  February is still 30$!


I know changes are weird, but my students can handle it.  Especially the cold-weather titans who kept training in the below-freezing weather.  You guys rock!  I think you’ll be happy with the new place.


So to recap:

1418 Blackiston Mill Rd #6, Clarksville, IN 47129, Saturday and Sunday 1-2 for kids, 2-3 for 12 and up.

No Friday class.

$60 tuition a month starts in march, no contracts.


It’s warm enough to go crazy on our challenges. Ropes, the wall, and maybe a race or two this weekend.

Friday we will work on sparring and maybe some goal setting for Saturday and sunday. Black belts, you can still set goals for yourself. But feel free to help lower ranks too.

I might have good news (fingers crossed) but I won’t know until after this update.

A building???

I just submitted a proposal to a gym owner.  This gym is smaller than our last, but equally exciting.  It is up to the owner whether or not the will accept our little school!

A few rules to reinforce:

When we train inside someone else’s facility, we have to remember that it isn’t ours!  Their supplies, breakable mirrors, breakable windows, and breakable anything is breakable.  Breaking is strictly prohibited of any breakable breakables.

A break from that.

For tuition, it is likely it would increase.  Buildings mean increased liability, and rent, which means higher rates for students.  I promise I will be as aggressively affordable as I can possibly make it while still being able to pay for the website, insurance, make our charitable contributions, and occasionally afford boards and bricks!

I will post the exact details of the location and any tuition changes when, or if, anything is agreed upon.  I spoke highly of my students to this owner, as I always do.  I can’t help but brag!

Just wanted to give everyone the heads up about any possible changes.